If you came across a seductively gorgeous woman, what is the first thing you would say to her? I’m curious. I’m guessing you might start with a warm greeting, but you tell me.

Hello gentlemen. I’m glad that you’ve stumbled upon my domain, and I hope that you’ll stay for a while.

I’m Anderson, a sensual, discreet model  who loves spending time with elite gentlemen and generous sweethearts. With a love for beautiful lingerie, sexy heels and elegant settings,  An adventurous evening in Las Vegas can lead us to anything from exclusive lounges and live shows to a casino where I can be your lucky charm. After a glamorous night on the town, we can enjoy scintillating conversation. My playful side will shine . My bubbly girl-next-door personality and  glamourous look is the perfect combination to allow you to indulge in your desires.

With a naturally fit physique, maintained by working out 5 days per week, I take great pride in my health and appearance. I’m sure that you will appreciate my hard work, as well. Besides my toned body, you’ll love my golden blonde hair, seductive eyes, and sun-kissed skin. I take full advantage of the outdoors by hiking and skiing as often as I can. I also love to discover holistic retreats to take me back to simplicity. I am a vivacious woman of unique interests and I’d love to see what we can explore together.

Our time together will undoubtedly be special. 

With anticipation,